Analyze Before Going Ahead for Any Coaching Institute

What parents need to analyze before going ahead with it?

Most of the parents, in Navi Mumbai flock towards integrated coaching programs for 11th & 12th science. This trend has shown a steep rise in recent times. The tendency to judge the child's scientific aptitude MERELY BY OBSERVING SCHOOL MARKS OF 8th, 9th & 10th STD plays a major role in this decision taken by parents.

Although there is no denying that the child's marks at school provide major indication of his academic skills, it is however, also equally important to know THE CHILDS ACTUAL ABILITIES TO HANDLE FUTURE COMPLICATED SCIENCE & MATHS TOPICS OF COLLEGE LEVEL. This article should not be seen as a discouraging force towards parent's decision to opt for integrated coaching programs. It should rather be seen as an informative analyzer for parents before being presumptuous about their child's entry into top engineering or medical colleges.

Statistically, IITS have about 35000 admissions across their various locations for first year engineering programs (after 12th). However, the number of aspirants trying to secure admissions is more than 12lacs. Thus the ratio of aspirants to actual entry is approximately 40:1.

Popular commercial coaching classes in Navi Mumbai sell this 'FEAR FACTOR' among aspiring students and parents about the tough exams and related preparation. This usually triggers a series of panic based selection of integrated coaching programs.

Parents must realize that SCHOOL LEVEL ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE is not the only criteria here. What a child can do in school is very different from what he can do in college. School level syllabus is easily handled by most of the students. THE NUMBER OF TOPPERS AT SCHOOL LEVEL IS VERY HIGH. Children find it easy to do 'PHYTHAGORAS THEREM' but it needs to be really seen if they can grasp 'LEIBNITZ's THEORY of DIFFERENTIATION CALCULUS

Sadly, the coaching programs for IIT entrance have become so commercialized and rigorous; that it takes a big toll on the child's creative side. This was recently discussed in an article published in 'TIMES OF INDIA' about the rising stress level among IIT aspirants.

A wiser approach would be to first speak to the child about his choice of studies and subjects irrespective of his score in 10th board exam. If indeed the child prefers taking up science, parents must enroll him to a good junior college and get him accustomed to college syllabus.

After all these are also the growing years for child where he gets to socially engaged himself in newer people and their outlook.

Parents can enroll for private home coaching to ensure personal attention and save loss of time & stress. This method is liked by students who are anyways not comfortable in crowded coaching classes. If the child shows excellent grasping and scoring in 11th STD science college exams, then it is a good indication that he/she can manage the JEE level Test or 12th Board exams. There should be a well planned, structured, gradual dosage of coaching for PCMB topics. The 22 months time period from 10th result day to JEE exam day, should be planned methodically without causing any stress or dislike in the students mind.

A structured approach of covering the school textbook syllabus and then the various references books under guidance from personal expert teachers at home ensures clarity for both the student and parents. In case of observation where the child is unable to cope up with PCMB topics; parents should be ready with other options. After all, a good decent score in 12th boards can also fetch admission in good science graduation colleges. Career options of architecture, marine, logistics, etc. should be explored instead of single focus on tough selection in IIT's and NIT.

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