ISC and ICSE Coaching Scenario in Navi Mumbai

The present coaching scenario for ISC & ICSE students in Navi Mumbai is limited to couple of popular coaching classes and extra classes being conducted by school teachers.

Average count of ICSE & ISC students in Navi Mumbai, Indias

Navi Mumbai India
ICSE (9th & 10th) 20000 3 Lacs
ISC (9th & 10th) 100 1.5 Lacs

ICSE Schools in Navi Mumbai

  1. St. Mary's ICSE School, Kopar Khaira
  2. Podar International School, Nerul
  3. Avalon Heights International School, Vashi
  4. Vishwajyot School, Kharghar
  5. Seventh Day Adventist School, Sanpada

ISC Schools in Navi Mumbai

  1. Sanjivani International School, Kharghar
  2. Orkidz School of Excellence, Kopar Khairane
  3. North Point School, Kopar Khairane

Students of this board face the acute problem of not finding relevant learning institute as required for the exam pattern. ICSE & ISC board is known for its in-depth coverage of school concepts. Their exam pattern is more of conceptual answers than long & elaborate ones.

These students having faced the extra burden of subjects in comparison to their CBSE and state board counterparts find it very difficult to adjust with the conventional coaching classes. Such classes are not fundamentally devised to cater to ICSE needs.

Most of these classes often make these students sit with students of other boards in the same batch with the usual reason, that 'same topic is being done, so you can attend'. Under such scenario the child has to put up with irrelevant classes and rather disconnected exam pattern. As a result the overall academic performance of students is usually average or even below.

ICSE (9th & 10th) is at least catered in batches by popular coaching classes. But ISC (11th & 12th) students do not find separate batches for their coaching needs. Students have vast syllabus in the form of big fat text book of physics, chemistry, math's & biology. The overall count of ISC student in entire Navi Mumbai is usually less than 100. Parent of these students face a difficult time to find suitable coaching arrangements. This problem is all the more aggravated due to the extra education needs for Engg & Med entrance tests conducted by CBSE & state board.

Topic selection, coaching pattern, coverage of vast syllabus, balancing the laboratory and journal assignments etc pose a huge challenge for the teenager student who often sees his/her CSBE & State board counterparts finding easier coaching options.

Navi Mumbai, coaching options are yet to evolve in order to cater to ISC needs. The lesser count of students and fewer institutions are posing a big problem for their academic performance. This trend is quiet evident by the annual board exam result announced, where most of the toppers are usually from Mumbai city or rest of the cities in India.

It is therefore, inevitable for parents & students of ISC board to find private group coaching or home based teaching from expert teachers. Such arrangement ensures individual attention, relevant coaching and exam oriented preparation.

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