Math's Preparation Road Map for Next 3 Months at VD Academics

Students should follow a structured study plan for the next 100 days or so. Please note that every day from now on is critical from board scoring point of view. Loss of even one day without regular study may reduce aggregate score by at least 2%.

Hence it becomes imperative that students follow a planned disciplined and consistent self study plan based on their own strengths and weaknesses.

Students who are currently in the scoring range of above 80 percent have gained good expertise over the concepts and solving part. They seem to follow a definite plan for exam writing and that gives them an advantage making them potential enough to score full in Math's. Such students should now do sums from exemplar and RD Sharma. They can in fact make self notes accumulated from various online question sources and ensure holistic preparation.

Students who are in the scoring range of 60 to 80 can aim to exceed 85 percent score. This is possible by more of exam writing practice. Such students seem to know the concepts well. They seem to be faltering only in practice sense. They should gain strong foothold on NCERT textbook and RS Agarwal. Solve maximum papers and see to it that your scores improve with every test.

Students in the scoring range of less than sixty percent should make a TRIMMED STUDY PLAN to ensure they exceed 60 percent score. They should first select any six to eight high weight age chapters and ensure complete coverage of ncert solved and unsolved sums are logged on to a new notebook for ready reference. It's better to be an expert of half the syllabus than be worried about full syllabus. Any further chapter expertise will be an added bonus. But primarily what matters most is that they hammer upon 6 to 8 chapters that they feel are manageable... RS agarwal can be a good practice source. You should make TREE DIAGRAM of the selected chapters like the one we made in class for linear chapter. Stick it up on your study table at all times. Not to worry about other chapters till we gain expertise in these 6 to 8 ones. Increase in scores will happen gradually. Let's be realistic.

My further home tuition sessions will be based on this approach only.

We understand it all must be getting stressful and uninteresting now as we have done good volume of Maths. We also understand that you may be equally preparing for other subjects. Shortage of time is always a concern for 10th students. Nevertheless we cannot lose our focus in aiming to score well in boards. So I suggest and request all of you to gear up for lots of efforts to make it happen.

There is no substitute for hard work and there is no short cut to success

All the best to all kids. Looking forward to meet u all in our home tuition sessions soon