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In brief as most parents may be aware, CBSE Board has announced scrapping of term based exams and revival of full syllabus board exam starting 2018 for 10th standard students. Being part of the coaching domain, we thought we should share some info around this with respective parents.

Navi Mumbai houses dozens of CBSE schools and there are some basic things all parents should take note of in this scenario. 10th STD board exam of 2017 will be the last one based on term wise chapters. Starting 2018, Tenth board exams will be based on full syllabus for all subjects. Although found easier, the term based tests were viewed as far more compromising on the students preparedness for further studies.

Hence this move of full syllabus is being acknowledged as a necessary move to enhance the studying and memorizing skills of students for their higher studies. There could be different opinions among parents and students though. How the current conventional commercial crowded coaching classes may not be of much help.

The conventional model of coaching classes in Navi Mumbai has proven to be of mediocre levels. Actual success ratio of popular commercial coaching classes is less than 5%. It is commonly a hurried and unplanned move shown by parents to get their child enrolled in crowded commercial coaching classes for board exam preparation.

With the revival of full syllabus board exam, it would require thoughtful planning and awareness among parents before selecting the most suitable coaching program. Math's and Science subjects in 10th standard require customized coaching based on student's individual strengths and weaknesses.

Such needs may not necessarily be catered to in crowded commercial coaching classes who have students from various schools merged in a single batch of over 30 students. Your child may not get his academic needs fully addressed in such ambience. Teenagers don't usually open up and show the tendency to follow parent's instructions and attend the lectures at coaching classes. It is only when they see inadequate improvement; parents feel the need for a personalized coaching program suitable for that child alone.

Now with the revival of full syllabus board exams, the need for personal attention, increased focus, regular and consistent practice and mental preparedness to recollect the subject topics is all the more relevant

How personal coaching helps in this scenario?

Private Home Tuition based on among one single student or a small group of 3 to 4 students from the same class has proven to be more effective in terms of academic improvement.

Assured individual attention, in house learning, time spared for self study and practice, direct monitoring by parents over course coverage and reasonable fees are some of the factors proving beneficial for students and parents in comparison to conventional commercial crowded coaching classes.

Full syllabus board exam can now be better handled by such personal tutoring options or by home tutor. Parents should explore these options and then make an informed choice that would yield optimum results in their child’s 10th board exams

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